gf pizzaIngredients:

Gluten free whole grain pizza crust mix (I like and use Bob’s Red Mill)
2 eggs
1 1/2 c warm water
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
yeast packet (comes with the pizza crust mix)
3 Cajun seasoned grilled chicken tenders, chopped
1/4 c tri-colored peppers, diced
1/3 c pineapple tidbits in 100% pineapple juice, drained
1/2 c pizza sauce (I use an organic, no sugar added brand)


gf pizza 21. Combine water and yeast packet in large bowl. Let stand for about 5 minutes. 
2. Add eggs and oil to water/yeast mixture. Mix briefly until egg yolks are broken and stated to mix together (no longer than 1 minute). 
3. Add in dry pizza mix and mix for about 1 minute or until well combined. Leave in bowl, split in half, and cover bowl with plastic wrap. Allow to rise for 20 minutes. 
4. Preheat oven to 425°. Spray a pizza pan with non-stick cooking spray. 
5. Place pizza dough on prepared pizza pan. Using wet hands, spread dough out evenly on pizza pan. If dough starts to stick to fingers, rewet fingers with water.    
6. Bake pizza crust, without toppings for 7 minutes in oven. 
7. Remove pizza crust, top with pizza sauce, peppers, pineapple, and chicken pieces. Place pizza back in oven and cook an additional 15 minutes. 
8. Cut pizza into 8 slices with pizza cutter. 
Yields 4 servings, serving size 2 pieces